Monday, December 6, 2010

Crocheting My Little Heart Out

It's like I'm possessed.  My daughter asked if I could make her a beanie with a brim.  I said sure.  I asked her to go on Ravelry and "favorite" hats she liked.  I then looked over the ones she picked and started with the one that had a free pattern.  Why not.  Well, I need a lot of hand holding while following a pattern and this patterns lacked some important details like stitch counts.  How many stitches are supposed to be in that row.  So, I returned to Ravelry to look for a pattern to buy that would have more details.  I found one.  Problem is my daughter and I really liked the colors from the first pattern.  It had a yarn that was doubled.  Black yarn with red to get a kind of tweedy look.

Using my purchased pattern I finally reduced my hook from a J to a G to get a hat that would fit on my head.  After all was said and done it still was a bit big.

After she wore it a few times it got bigger and bigger.  Finally, I asked her if I could have it and use it for my felting experiments?  She said yes.  I said I'd make her another hat.  I threw the hat into the washer on hot and out came a felted hat.  I shaped it back into a hat shape and put it on my head.  To my amazment it had shrunk down to the perfect size to fit a head, but now it didn't cover the ears.  So, the experiments continue.  I want to make one big enough to cover the ears after it's felted.

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