Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet George Jetson!

That is my text message ring tone.  I seldom hear it as I have my phone set up to vibrate twice before ringing.  It gives me a chance to pull my phone out and answer it before it makes a sound.  That all goes out the window if I'm asleep though.

Usually I turn my cell phone off at night.  I figure if anyone has an emergency in the middle of the night they can call my land line.  BUT if I have a family member, mainly my child, out of town I'll leave on the cell so they can call me... well you know teenagers... text me.

I didn't sleep well last night due to a creepy incident involving a light turning off by itself.  That's another story.  So, I was trying to sleep in today.  When at 7:30am I hear "Meet George Jetson!"  I roll over fumble around and look at my phone.  My dear daughter away on a skiing trip with friends has texted me "Are my snow pants in my room?"  I roll out of bed take a look and sure enough they are.  I also see her medical card laying on her bed I'm sure there to remind her to put it in her wallet.  Why was it out of her wallet?!  I just roll my eyes stumble back to bed and begin to text her back.  "Yes, you're snow pants are here."  I get a "Oh no!" response.  I don't respond with any solutions.  Why... I'm tired and really just want to go back to sleep.  Also she's on a trip with 6 friends and 2 grandparents.  I think they should figure this out themselves.  Really what can I do I'm 2 hours away if the weather is good.  4 if it isn't.  I get about 3 separate texts saying, "NOOOOOOO!!!" "I LAID THEM OUT AND EVERYTHING!" "I can't believe this!"  I figure she's fishing for a solution from me.  I finally text back "You'll figure something out."  I'm sure not what she wanted to hear.

Life is really about solving problems.  Staying calm and figuring out solutions.  This particular problem isn't serious.  Worst thing that can happen is she doesn't go skiing.  Or she does go and is cold.  Very very cold.  As a mother I'm good with that.  Lots of learning can come from this.  Learn how to pack.  She's always been a bad packer.  Leaves things behind nearly every trip.  Usually mundane things like PJs, underwear, tooth brush or hair brush to name a few.  This time she was going to have to solve a problem that could end her fun.

I remember being young and with a group of friends and having a problems.  Half the group thinks and says, "Sucks for you" and goes on with their day.  The other half helps to brain storm and we get it figured out.  That's exactly what happened with Dear Daughter.

I got a text "I'm going to have to rent some snow pants."  I sent her with plenty of money for contingencies.  A while later I receive a text "They don't rent snow pants."  30 minutes later "Snow pants are expensive here."  All the while I'm not answering.  I'm just imagining their brains ticking.  Thinking of solutions.  Then I get the final text "Found a pair of cheap snow pants."  I text back "That's my Deal Queen."  She's had a gift of getting things on sale for prices I'll never see ever since she made her first purchases at age 5.  I don't have the luck of the Deal Queen.

I figure she'll get some Christmas money and I'll have her reimburse me for the pants.  Another learning experience.  Mom will buy you only one pair of snow pants.  You pay for the rest.

At 10am I get this picture.  All must be right in the world again.  Now I can get some sleep!

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Jan said...

That's a great answer: you figure something out.