Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sniff Sniff Tear!

I received this email tonight thinking the train was back on.  I was sadly disappointed.

Dear Stitch ‘n Rider:

We regretfully announce that we will not hold Capitol Corridor’s annual “Stitch ‘n Ride” on-board event to Stitches West in 2011. In the five years that the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) staff ran this event, we have truly enjoyed accommodating the knitting/crocheting community and appreciate the support and loyalty you’ve shown us.

As you are well aware, state-funded services have taken quite a hit in the past two years and Capitol Corridor is not immune to the state’s economic crisis. As a result, our marketing dollars have to work harder for all of our promotions and we do not feel that we can create a quality experience with the limited budget we have for this event. Costs to charter a special, dedicated train, have also increased significantly, and we are unable to offer a reasonably-priced ticket as in the past. Another determining factor to consider was that many of the knitting businesses, which helped fill our Stitch ‘n Ride bags with the goodies you have come to expect, had to cut back on their donations due to the poor economy. In fact, many of those small businesses are now closed.

The CCJPA marketing team carefully considered many options to hold a Stitch ‘n Ride event, but none of these options would allow us the chance to bring you the caliber of event you’ve come to know and expect. Therefore, with heavy hearts we made the decision not to run a special train to the 2011 Stitches West conference. We are working on a possible discounted fare offer for our stitch ‘n riders and will post that information once the details are confirmed.

For those of you who rode our trains to Stitches West in years past, we hope you continue to use the Capitol Corridor as your travel option when traveling to the Santa Clara Convention Center or any other destination along our corridor. Knitters and crocheters are always welcome onboard our trains. We still offer regularly scheduled service to Great America Station in Santa Clara for Stitches West, although we will not have a special shuttle between the station and the convention center. We appreciate your support, your love of the Stitch ‘n Ride train and thank you for your loyalty and your understanding.


The CCJPA Marketing Team

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