Monday, November 15, 2010

The Pepper Report

Pepper is the new puppy my parents got back in June.  He's doing well and as cute as ever.  My mom was a bit worried that he was so unruly.  Next to my grand dame Little Star, who is 8 years old he was quite the heathen.  I reminded my mom he's still a baby.  Don't worry about him.  He's right on track.  He still needs training, which she's doing.  Just keep it up and when we're here we'll help with the "don't nip my nose," "don't lick my eyeball," "stop scratching by neck," and my brother's favorite "stop punching me in the crotch."  He's learning more with every trip up there.

Pepper is learning to get along with my Little Star.  As you can see from this photo he's getting a healthy respect for her as he leans away from her.

He had to be held in the photo and with the quick jump out as with all babies.

They aren't the best of buds, but they do pal around in the yard.  Every now and then Pepper can't stand it and tries to jump on Little Star.  She gives him a gentle, but firm growl down.  He goes right into a submissive pose, which meets with Little Star's approval.  Then they continue their tour of the  2 1/2 acres.

Which way did she go?  Caught Pepper's ears in mid flight as she looked around for which way Little Star had gone through the garden.

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Jan said...

Poodles can be total brats until they figure out how to get you to do anything they want. :-)