Saturday, January 2, 2010

Restaurant Review

New Years Eve we decided to give this restaurant a try. It came highly recommended. It was described as "Home Town Buffet only better." Well, I have two problems. First I didn't think Home Town Buffet is very good. I love to cook and taking me to a buffet where their main goal is to get large quantities of food out fast isn't always a good thing. Secondly, I can't eat a lot of food in one sitting. I don't have a problem with it, but dear hubby doesn't feel like we're getting our money's worth when taking me to a buffet.

We decided we had to try the "Golden Corral" just to see what all the hoopla was about. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The selection and quality of the food was very good. My daughter and I fell instantly in love with their Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup. I moved on to fried clams, beer batter fish and had a stare down at the freshly made onion ring station.

A cook came out of the back with 6 large freshly deep fried delicious looking onion rings. A gal standing right in front of the warmer tray asked the cook, "Do you make these fresh yourself?" He said, "Yes, we do." She said, "They are wonderful." She proceeded to pick up all 6 onion rings and put them on her plate with me standing right there waiting for at least one. This is where the staring came in. I gave her the "I can't believe you are going to take them ALL when you've already had some!" look. She hadn't quite got to her plate and let 2 of the onion rings slide off the tongs back in the warmer tray. I smiled at her. They were good! Beer batter dipped large slices of sweet onion cooked to a tender perfection.

I had a mini sirloin burger, a mini buffalo chicken sandwich, a bite of orange chicken and "OH GOODIE" creamed spinach! Yes, I'm weird and I love the stuff. I surveyed the Mexican section, the Italian section and cruised through the bakery section. They were making their own bread dough. You could watch them working in their kitchen. This is also where I saw the cutest mini donut machine. My first thought was I want one! It could sit on my kitchen counter forever. Check out my short video. I just had to share it's cuteness with my friends and took a video.

I have to say though the only 2 things I didn't like at the Golden Corral was their orange chicken. Had a fake odd orange flavor and the creamed spinach was to put it mildly disgusting.

A mere 20 minutes into our adventure I was full. My daughter and I decided to share the same side of the booth as my husband was up and down many times. Now he is someone who can eat a lot in one sitting. After sitting for about 20 minutes I decided to just look at the dessert section. All different cakes and pies, Rice Krispie treats and fudge, pudding and jello, soft serve and ice cream scooped on a cone. What to get?! Who are we kidding I can't just look. Everything looks so wonderful. I'm getting the feeling of being in Wonka land. Then I see it my all time favorite pie Coconut Cream and it's so tiny. A wafer thin (any Monty Python fans out there) morsel of Coconut Cream pie. Surely I can fit this in. After fighting off my daughter I ate the pie and nearly exploded in the true sense of Monty Python's "Meaning of Life." If you haven't seen "Meaning of Life" don't it's pretty gross. If you have you get the idea.

We all had a great meal and will definitely try this restaurant again. Next time I may have pie first!

To see if there is a Golden Corral near you visit their website.

Store Hours
As a general rule all Golden Corral's are open 7 days a week. Specific hours and menu items may vary. Please call your local Golden Corral to verify days/hours of operation and menu offerings.

Lunch and Dinner 11am to 10 pm
Saturday Breakfast 7:30am to 11:00 am
Sunday Breakfast 7:30am to 11:00 am

My local restaurant is located in NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA, 4940 WATT AVENUE 95660.

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