Friday, January 29, 2010

A Snuggle With My Poodle

She doesn't get all the way on my lap.  I'm not sure if she feels she's too big or if it's some dominate dog thing or what.  My Miss Marie would sit on the top of my head if I let her.  Little Star likes to lay very close.  She especially likes to lean on me.  Or she'll lay next to my legs and throw her head over a leg.  Right now she's leaning and laying her head on my stomach.  She letting me look at her beautiful brown almond shaped eyes.  She wants to make sure I get a glimps of he adorable gum drop nose.  She knows I have a weakness for fuzzy poodle snout.  She's usually not this cuddly unless I have a plate she wants to lick.  She's and expert smoozer.

She can be so nonchalant too.  "Plate what plate?  I didn't see a plate I was just here to snuggle.  What? You want me to lick the plate?  OK if I have to."
It's very difficult to get a good photo of a black poodle.  Flash or no flash they are still very cute and snuggly.
Full on snuggle sneaky smoozin' mode.  I say, "Are you my baby?"  And she lays her head down and gives the eyes.  You know the eyes that say, "Yes I am."
I can never resist such fuzzy warm cuteness.  Charles Schultz said it best, "Happiness is a warm puppy."

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jan said...

All worship Her Poodle-ness