Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Star

My little poodle baby.  We are at my parents house for Christmas in this picture.  This is exactly what I was talking about when I said a dog can be your baby when your children no longer are.  My kids are too big and too embarrassed to let me hold them like this now.  Little Star doesn't mind it a bit.  In fact she climbed up on me and laid down without any coaxing.  Our first conversation was do I look like a couch to you?  She just gave me a look that said, "No, you look like mom."  She is a cuddly poodle, but not quite this cuddly.  I think when we are away from home she gets a bit more clingy.  I often wonder if she feels like she needs to lay on me, so I won't forget to take her home with me.  Like I leave her places all the time.  No I don't.  She's more important than my purse.  I've never left her any where.  I asked DH to take a picture, because she was just being so precious.  Smoozing me for food is probably more like it.  When we go to Grandma's and Grandpa's there are a lot more snacks given out than at our house.  Little Star's sister Twinkle asked for snacks several times a day and got them.  When we are visiting Little Star gets them too.

For Christmas Little Star got a toy Pheasant.  Petco started carrying a realistic animal line of toys a few years ago and Little Star loves them.  She now has a chipmunk, squirl, duck and pheasant.  I thought it was so cute that with Twinkle's toy scattered about Little Star knew this was hers.

She slept on it quite a while until she realized she was being watched.  Sorry cute poodle alert! Had to take a picture!  Like with people, pets need to be appreciated every single day, because one doesn't know how long we have together.

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jan said...

What a sweet cuddly picture.

My Poodles are really affectionate for the first few days after grooming and shaving their under bodies. I think it may be for warmth.