Friday, September 5, 2008

6X6 recipe swaps

This was a new size for a recipe LO for me. I wasn't sure how I'd like the size. The first one I did I could barely get the recipe on the page in a font size one could read and have room for an embellishment. I used a green background that was 6X6. I used my Jumbo Snowflake roller and rolled over red paper with white ink. After it dried I cut 5 3/4X5 3/4 inch squares out of it. I printed the recipe on laser vellum using brown ink, which I think helped emphasize it's chocolateness. (is this a word?) I used a snowflake punch on white paper. Then accented each snowflake with a snowflake eyelet. To finish I had a piece of ribbon and glued on the snowflake.

This swap was for Chocolate Christmas goodies. I ended up putting my notes about the recipe on the back of the card. This gave me about an inch more room. I thought of just leaving my notes off for the special shortcut I like to do with the recipe. I like it so much I wanted to share it and just glued it on the back. Keeping the recipe pure and giving me room for creativity.So, I wasn't sure about the size. After I received my swap back I was really loving the size.

I decided to participate in another 6X6 swap this time involving smoothies. I had a recipe that I knew would fit nicely.

I printed it on off white paper. For some reason I envisioned this recipe on orange paper. Maybe because I love to use orange sherbet in the recipe. I found so lovely citrus paper to make a strip down the side. Again I added ribbon and eyelets. This time I put fruit and vegetable stickers on the LO. I wanted to put 2 fruit and 1 vegetable sticker on each LO to emphasize the 2 serving of fruit and 1 serving of vegetables in each smoothie, but it just seemed too cluttered. I think the point still gets across that this smoothie has a healthy aspect.

I've joined another swap. This time a cowboy themed swap on a 6X6 LO. I'm really looking forward to getting creative with that one.

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