Friday, September 5, 2008

August CCC

If you've forgotten CCC stands for Christmas Card Challenge. This year I challenge myself and about 10 friends to make a minimum of 3 Christmas cards a month for 11 months. I figured for myself I'd make 6 a month. That way I would have 66 handmade cards by the end of November. It's always been my dream to make Christmas cards for everyone. Last year I tried starting after Thanksgiving and I made cards until about December 15th before I realized I couldn't make enough in the time I allowed. I needed about 50 cards and I got 30 made. Not too bad, but I didn't enjoy making about the last 15 as I rushed to get them done. Then I went through my list to see who would get a handmade card and who would get a store bought. Hated doing it, but had no choice. Then there are always a few more cards sent out as you received cards or meet new friends or remember someone you had forgotten. So, thought 66 would be a good bet. August has just past and I have 48 CARDS MADE! I was SO excited as I counted them out and admired them. I almost wanted to play out THE scene from "Indecent Proposal" where they roll around on the bed in the money. Except my version would be the Christmas cards. I restrained myself and put them neatly with their envelopes into the two tins I have set aside for this year long project. So, here's a picture of August's cards. These cards were fairly simple. I had purchased fairly cheaply some envelopes and cards at big lots... red cards with green envelopes. I already knew I wanted to use my new Stampin' Up stamp set ... the tree any how. I found some lovely burgundy paper to back up the tree. While looking for some other matching paper I stumbled upon the plaid paper the colors just worked so well. I added 2 strips of ribbon for a little more embellishment and was done.

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