Friday, September 26, 2008

If I were younger I would have DIED of embarrassment!!!!

It was a lovely cool summer morning. I had slept in a bit and it felt delicious. I awoke with basically no responsibilities. I have teenagers now and they were off on their own schedules. The dog had been fed and was soft and cuddly. My son was off to summer school until 1pm. My daughter was off riding her bike with a friend and wouldn't be back until noon. My husband was at work until 3pm. So, I decided to have a leisurely morning. About 10am I popped into the shower. As I was getting out of the shower I heard the phone ringing. Darn, I hadn't brought a phone into the bathroom with me. I had just wrapped my towel around my hair turban style. I ran to the closest room with a ringing phone... the computer room. I checked the caller ID and thank goodness no children with an emergency. It was my friend from Portland.

She was trying to get her iPod to download music and was having problems. Since I was already in the computer room I decided to unwrap the towel from my head and throw it on the chair seat. I sat down at the computer to help her. As you might have imagine.... yes I'm naked. What the heck nobody is home. What is pretty unusual is I'm not a naked person. I wear pajamas. I stay dressed all day UNTIL I put on pajamas. I'm just more comfortable dressed for many reasons. Who knows what got into me on this day. I was feeling free enjoying my morning of no responsibilities.

After talking with my friend and walking her through iTunes she had her iPod just about where she wanted it when I hear, "MOM!" Then some laughter. Another "MOM! I can't believe you have no clothes on!" More giggling. Thank goodness it's my daughter and she's home early. I still have my friend on the line and she hears the ruckus and now she knows I'm naked. Both of them are naked people and both know I'm not. They are both having a chuckle as I sputter and try and explain my situation. Both are having WAY too much fun giving me a lighthearted hard time.

THEN the doorbell rings. I tell my friend I really need to go now, because I'm naked and now there is someone at my front door. My relaxing morning is now completely gone. I'm thinking it might be the mailman at the door and I don't want him to leave with a package. I'm torn... get dressed and risk the mailman leaving. I thought I'd save myself $4 worth of gas and just crack the door and tell him just give me a second. He says, "No problem." I shut the door and start quickly down the hall. My daughter passes me as I leave the door and I turned to tell her to just sign for the package if need be. As I'm speaking to her I notice the closed door is standing wide open. CRAP! The latch didn't catch! I had held the towel in front of me just in case as I spoke to the mailman. It wasn't covering anything in the back. I just BA-ed the mailman!

I ran and got dressed all the while convincing myself that the special sun blocking screen we have on the front screen door had blocked all view. When my husband came home and asked how the day went. I relayed the funny story of being caught naked by our daughter in the computer room. I also told the story of the mailman and how we saved his package from being returned to the post office. And of how if we didn't have the special sun blocking screen on the screen door I might have BA-ed the mailman. Dear hubby's eyes conveyed sympathy, but his mouth grinned really big and he said, "I hate to tell you this honey, but your back side is SO white there are no sun screens strong enough to prevent it from glowing through." He began to laugh. I was mortified! Being in my 40's though it only lasted a day. Then I got to thinking had I been in my 20's I would have had to move!


Scraplin said...

LMAO !!! (Yeah..mine's pretty white
Lynne you are quite the story teller! I was very entertained by your predicament. Thanks for making me laugh! :-)

Kenda said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! This is too funny!!! At least it was your daughter that caught you! This was good, I suppose I shouldn't laugh at your embarrassment but I just can't help myself! Thanks for sharing, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to share something like that!