Friday, January 13, 2012


That's what I've been doing lately.  I've been working on an afghan that has been hanging around for years now.  I don't know when I'll ever finish it.  I seem to bring it out in football season to work on it.  Maybe that's why it's taken so long.  The 49ers haven't been doing well until this year.  So, I've actually gotten more done on it this year.  I even watched the Steelers/Broncos game to see who would move on in the playoffs.  That's how much I'm enjoying football this year.

I just spread this afghan out on my bed to measure it and it's looking SO NICE.  The afghan now measures 29"X67".  According to the pattern in it's finished state it's supposed to be 45"X65".  So, I'm getting close.  I've wondered though if I should stop at 45" or just crochet until I run out of yarn.  Since it is a scrap yarn pattern I'm not relegated to stop at a certain point because of a pattern.  Intellectually, I'm thinking use up the yarn so as not to waste any.  Emotionally, I'm getting pretty darn tired of this project and just want it done.

This project can be viewed here.

I also made an adorable beret while I was recuperating from a cold last week.  I had a day where I just didn't want to leave my bed.  It required too much effort to breath.  On the other hand I was losing my mind laying in bed, so out came a hat pattern to crochet.  After several hours of "Anne of Green Gables" on DVD I came up with an adorable pink beret.  Unfortunately it was tiny.  The pattern was created by tiny Asian woman.  I don't know if it was sized to fit a tiny woman or it was my crocheting.  I'd bet on the latter.  Anyhow it will fit a toddler probably.  I don't have any around to try it on.  So, tried it on my daughter's bear.

For Christmas I got a crochet book by Twinkie Chan called "Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies."  This book has so many adorable food related patterns.   I bought yarn to make the gingerbread man scarf for myself and the pepperoni pizza slice scarf just because it's so darn cute!  I'm in the middle of the pizza scarf.  I have the cheese, sauce, crust and a couple pepperonis made.  Then sew it all together and I'll have a year to try and part with it at Christmas time.  If you have a minute check out Twinkie's blargh.  She makes some of the most adorable crocheted items.  Right now she has a give away of some of her hand made items.  Check it out here.

Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?  Yep working on my afghan again while I see if the 49ers can move on in the playoffs.  They are playing the Saints tomorrow and my dad says they don't have a prayer against Brees.  I'm going to remain optimistic.  Whether they win or lose my afghan will be a couple more inches wider.

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Jan said...

I work on my quilting projects during the NFL games. Glad to see I'm not so weird.