Monday, January 24, 2011

Hanging In There

Quick webcam picture of my beautiful girl.  As you can see we're hanging in there.  She's actually doing great as far as the eye can tell.  Doing all the healthy things a dog should do.  She'll go in for a recheck here soon.  Hoping all the problems she was having in her blood samples have resolved themselves.

She's back on regular dog food except that it has 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, a sprinkle of chopped chicken and some chicken broth.  Why the big hoopla with the food now?  Well, she's spoiled that's why!  Turns out she also loves my home cooking.  I feel pretty lucky to have gotten it down to that little bit of hoopla.  I was cooking a whole chicken for the family once a week.  I then would take the chicken carcuss and make chicken broth with it.  Then I'd also cook up a batch of rice.  I would take all the leftover chicken from the family dinner and pick it from the bones and chop up finely.  I would put the chicken broth sans any salt and put in the fridge to skim off all fat.  The Vet had said low fat low salt diet.  For her dinner I would take chicken, lowfat cottage cheese, rice and chicken broth.  My dog was in hog heaven.  For a sick girl she was eating like champ.

My brother and mom and dad doctor up their dogs food everyday.  I've always been one to give my dogs straight dry dog food.  The Vet said that was the healthiest way to feed them.  It's such an easy way too.  When we travel my folks have all these containers and cans of things for the dog.  I have a bag of dry food and a measuring cup.  I may have joined their ranks.  As it turns out it's not such a bother.  I always thought that dry dog food looked and sounded a bit boring myself.

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