Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowed here last night!

It snows here about once every 10 years. It snowed the first year we bought the house 1990. Snow melted right away as it always does, but froze for about 4 days straight. Killing all our new landscape plants that came with the house.

The next time it snowed the kids were in elementary school. It snowed for a couple minutes during the middle of the day. The teachers according to my kids let them all out for a few minutes to enjoy it. Then it started raining driving them all back into class.

Now December 2009 when we have family visiting from Oklahoma staying the night we get snow. I guess they get snow every year that sticks, but they were surprised that we got snow before they did.

DH BBQed a few days ago and left the BBQ out in the weather and vent open. I was none too happy about that, but sure made for a great picture of snow.
Picture of my son's and my cars. Mine being dark green shows the snow better.
Neighbor's house across the street looked so pretty with the snow and Christmas lights on.

I was in my jammies. This was around 6am and I didn't think to take a picture of my own house with snow. Guess I didn't want to walk up to the street in my jammies and slippers.

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jan said...

Having spent formative years in snow belts it is hard for me to get excited about snow. I think it belongs up in the mountains where we can visit it (rarely). :-)