Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simple But They're Done

I am continuing to do the Christmas Card Challenge this year. It worked out great having all my cards made by November last year. This year I know it's great to have them done, but I'm so lackadaisical about it. The above cards were made using a 12X12 cut out of Christmas trees. I worked at cutting it a part so a piece of it would look nice on each card. They actually look quite nice. It was a bit more difficult that I thought being as I didn't want to cut any of the trees. I could have layed it down on a cutter and just cut out probably 6 nice rectangles. As I said I didn't want to hack it up. So, I carefully snipped it to get 10 pieces to overlay on a piece of burgandy patterned paper. I was pleased with the outcome. Now on to April's cards.

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jan said...

Your cards are beautiful. How meaningful for people to get cards with so much thought and talent put into them.