Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Refrigerator's Strange Request

This is the light up panel on my refrigerator. It's not the fanciest refrigerator on the planet, but it does everything I'd want a frig to do and more. It is a freezer on the bottom type. So, on top I can open up both doors and have the whole frig for storage. It is great as I don't have room for a regular frig with one big door. Trying to squeeze food into a side by side for years was such a pain.

Now my new frig might be becoming a pain. I'm not sure. One day a strange symbol showed up on the screen. Each symbol has a meaning as to the inner workings of the frig, so we can keep it working and maintained properly. The new symbol stumped me. It looked like a canning jar with berry seeds in it. I looked all through the owner's manual. No symbol. I looked online no symbol explanation. I thought it just couldn't be true what it was asking of me.
Was my refrigerator asking me to make blackberry jam? How odd I thought seeing as blackberries weren't even in season. Could it wait until August before demanding blackberry jam. The Marionberry jelly inside wasn't good enough? Would it accept store bought blackberry jam? Would it go on strike until I found some blackberries shipped up from Chile where they grow this time of year. How dare it demand I enlarge my carbon footprint just because it has a hankering for blackberry jam!

I finally decided to calm down and look for a logical answer. Could it be the symbol for replacing the drinking water filter? Could those be water drops rather than blackberry seeds? Could the makers of refrigerators make symbols that make more sense? This symbol looks nothing like the water filter. Although I'm not sure what symbol would make more sense. I think I'll put my children on it. I bet they could come up with something better than Kenmore.

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