Monday, March 23, 2009

Poodle Goes Camping

At least she wanted too. My daughter was packing for her yearly camping trip. She was trying to roll up her sleeping bag and our Rotten Stinkin Poodle wouldn't get off of it. I think all dog owners probably know of this problem. Anything you spread out on the floor... wrapping paper, newspapers... sleeping bags will promptly be layed on or sat on by your dog. I thought it was just a small dog trait. I found differently when my 100 pound boxer/mastiff mix sat his fanny on a newspaper I had spread out on the floor to read. I kept pushing at him to move and he just look over his shoulder at me with this odd mix of looks of "What?" and "Hey I'm just doing my job."
Found this adorable picture on my computer and in honor of one of my favorite blogs to follow The Poodle (and dog) blog I thought I'd add another dog entry to my blog today.

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CathyR said...

It's not just dogs. My cat does the same thing. Right now he is curled up in a water bottle box on the floor in the craft room. It is one of his favorite places to sleep even though it is a tight squeeze for him.

Aren't pets fun.