Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Beast of a Carrot!

My dad grows a pretty big garden every year. He's retired and has the time and loves fresh produce. In February we were up for a visit and he said he still had carrots in the garden. My daughter ran down to pick one. She loves a good uncooked carrot. Cooked carrots that's another story. All I have to say is "Thanks a lot Marley!" ;) Anyhow my daughter comes back with a carrot she referred to as "The Beast." This is what she came back with...

We had a good laugh, thought only in Rough and Ready do the carrots grow this big and washed it off.

We started wondering how should it be served? Chop up into carrot sticks? What I ended up doing was slicing it in big rounds. Then I used a large round biscuit cutter, which was perfect for cutting off the outer ring of skin. I served the carrot in large circles on every one's plate for dinner. They were delicious.

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