Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gone to Seed

The carrot wasn't the only thing gone to seed when we were up for our visit. My folk's poodle had too. My folks live in the country and they keep their poodle closely cropped, so she doesn't get burrs in her fur or foxtails in her ears. So, we were so shocked to see her hair so long. She really was quite cute and cuddly. My dad does the trimming and normally does it right on time, but in February they were getting ready for my mom to have an "elective" hip replacement surgery. We chuckle at elective, because if someone is in so much pain from arthritis and a fracture from a car accident years earlier that they can barely walk... isn't it a necessity?

Had my mom fallen and broken her hip they would have rushed her into surgery and fixed it. Since it was "elective" they did a month's worth of tests to make sure she was healthy enough to endure the surgery. I was very grateful that such care was taken, but made me wonder about all the other hip surgeries. My Grandmother has broken both her hips. Not at the same time a couple years a part. She was in her 80's for the first one and 90's for the second.
Did they just rush her into surgery thinking "Hope she survives!" 4 weeks worth of tests weren't done on her. Fortunately, my Grandmother is a lot healthier than my mom. And as it turned out my mom was healthy enough for her surgery. Both gals are doing well and walking great.
My poor dad is getting a bad rap about his poodle trimming timing. I should have taken pictures last time I was up to visit mom, because their poodle was all trimmed up and looking her country cutest again.

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jan said...

The first and last time (same one) I tried my hand at Poodle trimming, was a disaster. I envy those with more talent than I.