Saturday, November 2, 2013

Decluttering and Cleaning

As with taking care of myself taking care of my house has gone to the dogs as well over the years.  My body is in a much better place now to work on the house.  I keep a clean house, but I have piles of stuff that I never know where to put.  Do I need this stuff?  Spoken as a true hoarder... YES!  Seems like the minute I get rid of something that I don't seem to need I need it the next week.  I refer to it as Chaney luck.  We have a streak of buying broken stuff.  Losing things so much we refer to the need for certain items like scissors as saturation.  I need to have 10 pairs of scissors, so I can find one pair.  I need 6 pairs of reading glasses, so I can find one pair.  If I can't find say my nippers that means I haven't reached saturation and I need to buy more.  It's so sad I think some times.  So, are the piles of things.

I've gotten rid of tons of clothes in the past 1 1/2 years.  My closet is beginning to have room to put more things into it.  Although my pairs of shoes are growing now I can wear real shoes due to the weight loss.  My pantry is more cluttered due to eating healthier and just having more food around.  I solved that problem with buying 4 tubs and labeling them, so I can put more stuff into tighter spaces.

I've read the decluttering websites and basically there is no easy fix.  Just like my weight problem.  I need to stop the whining, grow up and just do the work.

Today, DH got the hall closet back together now that the bathroom is fixed.  I can now fill it back up, but will definitely do a lot of purging.  I've had the kids go through the games and decided what they don't want any more.  Half of them will go to Goodwill.  Yay!  More room for towels.  Things that actually should be in a hall closet.  Tomorrow I'll go through my table clothes.  That will be hard as every time I look at them I need every blasted one of them and yet I don't use them hardly ever.

I caught up on the dishes today.  A big bugger boo with me.  I hate unloading the dishwasher and therefore there is never any room for the dirty dishes.  I remind myself at times like this how good I have it.  I HAVE a dish washer.  I'm able bodied and can unload it.  Again, stop your damn whining and just do it.

Turned the self clean on the oven today.  Decided to get the mini vac out and really give it a good cleaning.  I noticed around the outside edges of the inside of the oven was covered with dust? Spiderwebs?  Dust and spiderwebs?  I don't know how anything would have created that fuzzy gray line.  It vacuumed away.  Vacuumed the crumbs where they fell in the joint of the door.  Really scrub again the dirty finger prints the repairman made earlier this summer.  I really don't know how to get them off.  Still gray color on my white handles.

A good start to reclaiming my house.  The holidays are coming.  Would love to let people in the back of my house instead of throwing all the piles from the front of the house into the back for the parties.  Was listening to a decluttering podcast and the woman talked about locking the doors on rooms she didn't want people to look it.  I SO get that and yet find that so sad to have to resort to that.

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