Monday, August 1, 2011

Hidden Valley Ranch Pretzels

Had these pretzels at a potluck end of season flag football party.  They were SO good.  Didn't know who brought them, but with my investigative skills I was able to find a recipe online.  About once a year I make up a full batch.  It makes a lot of pretzels.  I make them when there are going to be a lot of people around as they are so good and so not good for you.

Hidden Valley Ranch Pretzels

2 lb. of Pretzels
1 bottle of Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Butter Oil
1 package of Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing Mix (milk recipe)
1 teaspoons lemon pepper (can use garlic powder and/or onion powder if one prefers)

Mix oil and seasonings together. In a large container mix pretzels and oil mixture. (I like to use 2 - 1 gallon ziploc bags.)
Allow pretzels to sit for 24 hours, tossing a few times a day.  You'll see all the oil absorbing.

Every time you go into the kitchen gave the bags a flip.

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