Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winston Is Hooked Up

Our little Pomapoo Winston got his pacemaker today.  He's being held over night to make sure the surgery went well and that the pacemaker is working properly.  The Dr. said that his heart was probably not working properly for several months as the bottom portion and only working part of his heart was enlarged.  Now with the pacemaker all of his heart is beating as it should.  Of course the Vet said they've never seen anything like this in a dog so young.  They are not sure if it's the signal from the brain that's not being transmitted or if the heart is not receiving the signal.

What Winston received was a used human pacemaker with a new battery.  This kept the costs down by several thousand dollars.  They also have doggie medical insurance and it's supposed to be covered.  The pacemaker was placed on his back up by his shoulders.  My brother has no idea how big it's going to be.  He talked about redesigning and sewing a new halter for him so the strap wouldn't rest on the pacemaker.

I asked if Winston was going to have any restrictions and my brother said the Vet wasn't really very clear on that.  That there seemed to be none, but they'd quiz the Vet further on this subject.  My brother said that his wife was probably going to have a heart attack before Winston from her worrying about him all the time.  So, they want to make sure they know what Winston can and cannot do to ease her fears.

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Jan said...

Good for Winston. It's really remarkable what is being done for dogs today.