Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She likes me. She really really likes me!

One of my daily blessings is my adorable poodle Little Star.  As you can tell she's my bud.  Last night I was working on Clue #3 in the Bernat Crochet Along and there she was keeping me company.  I kept thinking the yarn would tickle her nose and she would get up.  She actually stayed there quite a while.  Probably because I thought she was absolutely adorable and she loves it when I notice that fact.

Truth be told her 5 O'Clock shadow was poking threw my pajama bottoms and was a bit prickly for me.  I wasn't about to shoo her away though.  I could endure it to enjoy such cuteness.

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Anonymous said...

The prickling is just part of the deal. As my Mom used to say, "You've got to take the bitter with the better."

Or, more simply, in the words of the song: Love hurts.
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