Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make Your Own Pizza Night

Always popular at my house.  For years I made my own dough in my breadmaker.  I've had a breadmaker since 1991.  Now at my local market they sell pizza dough for about a buck.  Can't hardly beat that.  So, for "make your own pizza" night I got 3 bags of dough, Boboli Pizza sauce (I like the flavor and that it's packaged in small servings if you don't use it all it saves for next time), and all the various toppings my family likes.  Tonight we had pepperoni, salami, mozzarella, green pepper, purple onion, mushrooms, black olives, and green onions.  My daughter also wanted an avocado, which she slice and put on her pizza after it was baked.

(Sure love my convection oven.  I can bake multiple racks at the same time without having to shift things around.)

We were SO hungry I barely got any pictures of this adventure.  The kids helped slice and grate the cheese while I rolled the dough out on the Silpats.  I love rolling pizza dough on Silpats.  When it is dough it sticks to the Silpat.  You don't have to fight with it shrinking back quite so much.  When it's baked it doesn't stick and slides right off on to a cutting board.  Do not cut on a Silpat!

Next each kid got to top their own pizza.  I topped one for my husband and me.  Because the husband I generally share a pizza each kid has to give their dad a slice of the theirs.  That way he gets to sample their pizza and he gets enough to eat.  He even ate my daughter's slice with avocado on it.  Even though he doesn't particularly like avocado.  He said it was a pretty good combo though.

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