Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Limbo

My 18 now 19 year old son is having a rough time deciding what he wants to do in life.  After a lack luster year at the Junior College he was put on academic suspension.  He missed the cut off to appeal and found himself without a school to go to this semester.

He has also been looking for a job for about a year.  He can't seem to get arrested in this economy.  When I found out he wasn't going to be in school and he had no job.  I asked my brother to put him to work.  I'm thinking volunteer work something to get him out of the house maybe get him some experience.  My brother says, "No, I'd have to show him how to do everything.  I'd rather just do it myself."  GEEZE!!   His own uncle won't hire him.

After my husband and I hit the roof and lengthy discussion we decided not to kick him out of the house.   We haven't given up on him.  We just need to convince him not to give up on himself.  The men in the family have all put a piss poor effort into High School.  Then gave college a sniff and joined the military.  All the men have done great and some even graduated from college later.  My son is dead set against going into the military.  We discussed with him that his options are getting narrower and narrower.

Anyhow his plan he proposed to us was to keep looking for a job this semester.  Get back into school in January.  With the job he's going to get pay us back for all the money we paid for him to go to school last semester and fail.  Until he gets a job he said he'll be my "man servant."  I prefer to call him my "house elf."

One morning he asked me if I'd like waffles for breakfast.  Wow that sounded great.  Yes please.  He was dressed to go out to an interview.  So, he threw on my apron to protect his clothes.  I had to chuckle and take a picture.  He was truly looking like my man servant.  

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