Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eating Out... Overwhelming?

Boy that is sure what happened to me when DH and I decided to go to a new restaurant in town.  Now that the kids are teenagers we like to go out occasionally by ourselves... you know like a date.  Remember those.  They are usually very relaxing enjoyable times.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  DH hubby loves wings and I enjoy them too on occasion.  Thought I'd surprise him and suggest going some where he wouldn't think I'd like to go.  He was surprised and looked forward to going.

We walk through Buffalo Wild Wings doors and the first thing that hits you is the noise.  OK this isn't going to be a quiet experience.  One can barely talk to their companion it's so loud.  They wanted to seat us at a 2 person table right by the entrance and hostess stand.  Really?! Do we need a little more noise added to our experience?  We asked for another table.  Hostess then points to the next table.  How about this one?  It's a big round table for 8 people.  Really?!  You want 2 people taking an 8 person table when there are plenty of 2 and 4 person empty tables in this room.  Now I'm starting to sound like a pill when my hostess really doesn't have any common sense.

OK we're seated at a 4 person.  Our waiter comes over immediately and gives us a game controller and wants our drink orders.  "Want me to show you how to operate the game controller" he asks?  What do you want to drink?  Controller? Drinks?  Controller?  Drinks?  With the noise, lights, TV screens, choices and decisions to make so suddenly we are totally overwhelm.  Then we get the menu.  I should have turned and left before the menu came, because DH doesn't do well at making food choices in a new restaurant when things are calm and quiet.

He is clearly ready to throw one of his "I'm overwhelmed tizzy fits."  I remain calm and do the things girlfriends do.  Give him a squeeze, a wink, hold his hand.  He's distracted enough to look at the menu calmly.  BUT he snatches his hand back as I see the wheels in his head start whirling.  I can't blame him I'm totally confused too.  They don't serve just wings.  They serve all sort of things like burgers, wraps, salads, flat breads and ribs to name few.  How I deal with a new menu is I simplify.  I pick the first thing that appeals to me and I close the menu.  I know there are many choices I want, but I can't have them all so why agonize.  It's a wing joint I'm having wings.  DH on the other hand has all the choices whirling around in his head.  If I hadn't put a stop to it he might have gotten a nose bleed.

I asked him, "Anything appeal to you?"  He says, "I DON'T KNOW.  THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES.  EVERYTHING APPEALS TO ME."  I ask in my loving syrupy girlfriend voice, "Why don't we share a wing platter."  He says, "I DON'T KNOW THERE ARE SO MANY WING PLATTERS AND WING SAUCES!"  I suggest we try a traditional wing sauce.  We'll get one platter with bone in wings and one with boneless wings and we'll share.  We'll get a side of hot sauce for him and blue cheese for me.  Crisis dialed down no one's head is going to explode.

We order.  First thing we are told is there are no french fries.  We can have potato chips or potato wedges at no extra charge.  I love crispy freshly made potato chips and DH loves potato wedges.  No problem.  Out comes our order.  We have 2 cups of blue cheese dressing, and 2 cups of ranch dressing.  Wings were your typical hot wings.  Nothing special, but good.  My potato chips were very thick and squishy.  They were just chip shaped potato wedges, which I don't like.  The potato wedges were at least seasoned and had a flavor.  DH offer to share his wedges.  When out of the corner of my eye I see 2 kids eating french fries.  WHAT?!  I was told no how no way was I getting french fries.  I grab one of my husband potato wedges and what do I get a lone french fry.  You know one of the non existent french fries.

The mild sauce was starting to get a little hot for me so I looked around for my celery.  No celery.  My platter was clearly pictured with celery.  What did they run out of celery too?  I stop the waiter and ask?  He tells me that since I have 2 different flavors of sauce I get no celery.  I didn't order 2 different kinds of sauces.  DH doesn't like ranch and I only like the blue cheese.  Sorry you have 2 sauces no celery for you.  WHAT?!  I didn't want to push it at this point.  I just wanted to go home.  The noise level and the disappointment of this meal was just at its apex for me.  I don't throw tizzies in restaurants, but I sure wanted to at this point.  I just remembered I was enjoying lunch with DH on a rare day off that he had during the week.

Before I left though I took a quick movie of a quarter of the restaurant.  I counted 32 TV screens in the whole restaurant.  Some might think that's a good thing, but with each one on a loud different channel... it's not.

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