Friday, August 27, 2010

Unchained Circles Vest

I crocheted this vest in about 10 hours.  I thought it turned out so pretty.  I've shone it around to my friends and they all think it's fabulous.  One is even going to make one.

I wanted to make it for my daughter originally.  She is modeling it here.  She told me before I started she wouldn't wear such a thing.  Well pooh!

So, decided my SILs birthday was coming up I'd make one for her. Since she is a tad smaller than my daughter I used my daughter as a model. When I got it done I asked her to wear it so I could get photos of it. As she was wearing it she said, "Why would anyone wear such a thing?!" I told her one would wear it like jewelry. It doesn't have a function other than just looking pretty.
I wanted to show a picture of the front and what it looks like off a person.  The original pattern only had a picture from the back.  When I hit a snag and didn't know how to shape the arm opening I really needed a picture.  I finally figured it out, but here's a picture if anyone else wants to make one.

Unchained Circles Vest by Thanh Nguyen.  Pattern can be found at the Universal Yarn website for free.  I couldn't find their yarn, so I went with Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Cotton yarn.  I found it at this cute little shop in mid town called Fig Tree Alley.  Gorgeous yarn and so easy to work with.


CathyR said...

That is really pretty Lynne. I love the colors.

Kate said...

i am currently doing this pattern in a size small. I am stuck on ow 16 where you start the arm hole. could you help me out? Im confused about the second to last step where it says "rep from * twice" because i do not have room to do it twice. Im positive i have not skipped a step or stitch, ive counted and recounted.

Lynne said...

Hi Kate, no email so I'll respond here. It's been a year and a half since I made this. I don't have the pattern any more. Nor do I have any recollection of how to do it. All I can say is having a pictures really helped me out. Seeing the whole thing laid out as in my blog entry really helped me figure it out. Also go onto Ravelry if you're still confused and maybe ask someone who's just finished this pattern. There are several and they could probably help better than I can.

Kate said...

Thanks! and the pictures do really help!