Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mad Dog Strikes Again

Some how my son bribed my daughter into making him a "Mad Dog" I'll never know.  What is it exactly?  A couple summers ago on our way to the beach for a week vacation my husband convinced me to make a detour through Lodi.  Not exactly on our way, but his idea to surprise our son with an incredible burger made it worth our while.  Just seeing his face when the burger came out made us all laugh out loud.  The place is called Andre's Cafe & Catering.  Located at 722 W Lodi Avenue, Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 367-5411.  Click both links for info on the cafe and it's hours.

They serve a gigantic burger.  Well, it is tall not wide.  I think my daughter captured it pretty well.  They have a deal if you eat it within 30 minutes including all the fries you get it for free.  You also get your picture on the wall of fame.  My son can eat a lot, but even this was too big for him.  He chuckled when he asked for a "doggie" bag for his Mad Dog.  While on vacation it took him 2 breakfasts to finish the burger.

Even tonight he couldn't finish Allison's version of the Mad Dog.  He loved every minute of it.

I asked Allison to smile for the camera.  She said she couldn't, because she was too tired from cooking.  I think it might have been the cross country 5 mile run yesterday and the sleepover last night that might be contributing to her tiredness.  BTW she's wearing an apron I made her a few years ago for Christmas.  It says, "Tease me and I'll burn your dinner."  Yes, she is a bit of a cranky cook.

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