Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Haircut

Just a few thoughts...a new hair cut and boy do I need to straighten up my craft room!

I got my haircut a few weeks ago and was left with something that looked like a mini mullet.  I'm not normally one to get upset over a haircut, because I'm very lucky my hair grows quickly.  This haircut though really got me down.  I'm sure the hair dresser, a friend of mine for 26 years, did exactly what I told her.  After I shampooed and styled it myself I just never could get it to look nice.  It got to where I didn't even want to look at my own reflection, because it would just make me groan.  I know my friend would totally recut it for free, but she's not close by.  I just never really found someone to cut my hair in my own town when I moved back.

My daughter on the other hand has someone she likes.  Toni is the mom of one of my daughter's soccer team mates.  Allison always enjoyed Toni's chirper attitude and when she started getting haircuts instead of letting her hair grow long she picked Toni.  Last week Allison informed me she was ready for a haircut and it made me think I should let Toni redo my doo!  I made an appointment for the both of us. 

Now I had never sat in the chair with Toni before.  So, of course I'm comparing her to my gal.  She took me back for a shampoo.  It was very quick minimal products used, but a good decent shampoo.  Then a scratchy thin towel like the ones I put in my rag drawer was wrapped around my head.  Still perfectly good towel, but not fluffy and soft.  Toni begins my hair cut.  She uses a razor during most of my cut.  Cutting and shaping my pitiful mullet into something adorable.  I felt a little like Edward Scissorhand's muse she worked so quickly around my head.  She applied some gel and next came the blow drying.  She just let it fly blowing hair all over my face.  Whipping into my eyes and into my mouth.  It was comical.  I spit, I sputtered, I suppressed a laugh.  My hair dresser seldom gets hair into my face and when she does she apologizes.  Once my hair was dry she took a flat iron and styled my hair into the cutest little bob.  I was SO happy to be rid of the mullet.  I was cute again.  At least in my own mind and that's what's important!

My daughter and I very happy with our new haircuts went to the register.  Something I forget between haircuts with Toni is how reasonable her cuts are. So, reasonable that I feel like I'm ripping her off paying so little.  My friend the hair dresser is reasonable too and to put it into perspective the friend charges nearly double what Toni does.  I asked Toni, "How much?"  She told me.  I said a little surprised, "For both of us?!"  She said, "Yes."  I gave her a big tip.  On the way out I thought she does and excellent job for that amount.  I think she may be my new hair dresser.

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