Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going To The Mall... Not So Relaxing Any More

I've been to the mall twice in the past week which is a world record for me. I'm just not a big shopper. Basically, if it doesn't involve something I know I need, feeding my family or crafting I just don't shop. Every now and then I get the urge to just do a little shopping. Especially this time of year when the holidays come into play. I like to go to the mall on a weekday in the morning. It isn't crowded and I like it that way.

Except when I went to the mall Friday morning I found the mall crowded with sales people. Not in the stores, but down the middle of the mall. All these little booths selling a whole myriad of things. Now there have been these types booths in the past, but only about 1/10th as many. Friday I was accosted about every 10 feet by some type of sales person. It felt very much like going into a grocery store and there is someone waiting at the door with some sort of charitable sale. Not that I'm not giving and want to help, but do I have to think about that sort of thing when I just want to buy some milk for my family.

Instead of saying "no thank you" or "not today" once as I enter a store I was asked questions every ten feet. They are trying to lure you in for a sale by pretending to start a conversation or do you a favor. "Can I curl your hair?" Me, "No thank you. "Would you like to jazz up your cell phone?" Me, "Not today." "May I spritz you with organic mango juice perfume?" Me, "No thank you." "Can I wash your hands in germ fighting eucalyptus water?" Me, "No thank you, but do you do feet? Hey, I am moving along no need to be rude!"
See evil booths beginning about halfway up the photo.

I'd only walked about 50 feet and I was exhausted. Part of going to the mall by myself is I don't want to talk to anyone really. I want a peaceful morning of just looking and maybe purchasing something. The mall I was at has 2 stories. I'd only gone about halfway through the bottom floor. I was already tired of talking. I decided to keep going even though every part of my being was screaming "leave the mall." There were 2 stores I really wanted to see the Disney Store and the Yankee Candle store. They were upstairs and due to the open air structure of the mall there is no center floor to put sales booths on up there. I would get some peace and quiet up on the 2nd floor.

I got to the center of the mall's bottom floor and noticed they had remodel that part of the mall and added a wing. They had moved the escalator that had been right there the equivalent of another half mall away. As I look down the wing I can see the escalator in it's new spot. I then notice between it and I was about five more sales booths. I'm sure loaded with lots more lotions, potions and knickknacks they are just dying to try and sell. Right then and there I said, "I'm done." I turned on my heal and headed back out of the mall. Listening to my inner voice saying, "If you want peace and quiet you need to leave now." I past the 10 or so sales booths that I had just seen and the sales people remembered I wasn't interested and swooped past me for new prey. Thank goodness, because usually you've walked the whole mall and they've completely forgetten who you are and once again you have to talk to each and every booth.

I know I'm sounding like a crazy agoraphobic hermit right now. Really I'm none of the above. I just don't like aggravation unless I'm prepared for it. Unless I'm willing to endure it. Like at Christmas time. One knows if you go into a store of any kind there will be people galore up and down the aisles and more waiting in lines at the check stands. I know this and I'm prepared for it. Like Costco on the weekend. One knows there are people galore up and down the aisles and more waiting in MILE long lines at the check stands. This is tempered though by snackies at the end of quite a lot of aisles. I digress back to the topic at hand. Like going to the doctor's office. You know even though you are on time your appointment will be late and there will be an office full of other people waiting for their late appointments.

So, when I go to the mall on a weekday morning I don't expect to be accosted by sales people. First off I'm not the kind of person who will buy anything they're selling. I'm not a lotion and potion girl. Never have been. I'm not a knickknack person. I won't buy a $30 dollar stuffed dog who's side rises and falls like it were breathing. Not from it's lungs, but from it's liver or spleen. They really need to work on the placement of that one. I'm not going to buy a plate with dolphins painted on it or it's matching candle holder. My cell phone works just fine with it's original black cover. Afterall, it's free, well sort of, it came with the phone.

I want shopping to go back to being a spectator sport. I want a spritz of organic mango juice perfume when I ask someone to come and spritz me and not a minute sooner.


jan said...

I had thought about going to the mall today, but not after reading this post. I'll just stay home and avoid aggravation.

M-C said...

I completely agree with you. I really hate being bothered by those type of sales people when all I'm trying to do is walk around and relax or even walk around and shop. well come to think of it, I always hate being accosted by those type of sales people.