Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quickie Cell Phone Purse

My daughter agreed to go to the Home Coming dance with her friends. She also agreed to wear a dress. This is the 3rd time she's worn a dress in her life. So, I knew carrying a purse was going to be out of the question. I decided to quickly knit up the tiniest bag just big enough to hold her cell phone, student body card and her money. I lined it with a little piece of cotton fabric. She wanted a gold button. I learned how to make an I-cord on my Toyota bulky 650 knitting machine and knitted a long strap she could just drap around one shoulder and not have to mess with all night. This is the best picture I have right now. I'll get a better one when it comes back from the dance.


CathyR said...

Nice cell phone purse. Sometimes it is nice to have a little bag to carry a few things in.

M-C said...

What a cute purse and such a great idea! I just might have to make a couple of those as quick Xmas gifts!