Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Call Me Old!

I had gone to the grocery store to deposit a check. As I rounded the corner there sitting in the place of the original ATM was this newfangled machine! I smacked my forehead and said, "I'm too old to learn a new machine!" Then I covered my mouth in disbelief that I just said that. How many times had I heard that phrase uttered by grandmas, grandpas, great aunts, great uncles, the 95 year old neighbor across the street and now even my mom and dad. I've always thought what is the matter with them it's not that hard to learn how to use an answering machine, a VCR, a computer, a DVD player, a cell phone, or an mp3 player. Well, I was in my 20's and 30's when I thought that. Now I'm pushing on 50 really hard and when I saw the ATM I truly thought I was too old. I could also understand the reason why they said it. I felt like my brain was too full. I couldn't learn another blasted thing.

I mean what was wrong with the old ATM it worked fine? In the 80's I was the first person in my group of friends and relatives to jump on the ATM band wagon. I loved it and encouraged everyone to get an ATM card. Now we're in a new millennium and the bank feels the need to change the ATM? It seems unneeded like the remake of "Footloose". Why do people feel the need to change a good thing?

I had this whole conversation in probably 2 seconds in my head while standing and staring at the machine. The only thing that jolted me from my shock was another potential ATM user getting ready to walk past me and take MY turn. I put my feet back into gear and approached the ATM. I vowed that I would never be too old to learn something new ever again. I'm going to master this puppy.

As I looked at the ATM it really hadn't changed much at all. It had gotten a face lift, because I think the original ATM was from the 80's. I then noticed that depositing a check was slightly different. Instead of typing the amount of the check and then putting it into an envelope one just inserts the check. It says that it will scan your check and read the amount and show you a picture of your check. My check was for $78. A picture of my check appeared on the screen and I have to admit that was pretty cool. Then it asked me a question "Deposit amount $10?" I had to laugh as that new machine wasn't quite as high tech as it wanted to be. It gave me an option to input the correct amount and then my deposit was done. It asked, "Do you want a printed picture of your check?" I didn't really need one, but said yes just for giggles. Proof I had conquered the old age monster.


jan said...

I was born too old to use an ATM. I don't mind losing some change in a vending machine from time to time, but with my money I want to see the eyes of a human who is taking it and giving it back in the sums i specify.

cpeep said...

Kind of how I feel about twitter. First of all, doesn't it cost a fortune in text messages? And more importantly, not even your mother cares about your life that much. ("Now I'm making a ham sandwich." "Now I'm eating it.")

My brother in law was tweeting at our niece's wedding and I told him, "Anyone who cares about it is HERE." :)

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