Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wanted! Cowboy Chili

A recipe and a craft project.... Pampered Chefs Cowboy Chili with a small tweak. The recipe calls for layering it in a Pampered Chef small measuring bowl and giving it as a gift. I did that many times and it was greatly received. I'm long past those days now as everyone I know practically got one. I still use the recipe, because it is really good. The recipe was very convenient as you cook the chili straight from the dried beans to chili. No soaking. I've found over the years and let me try and be delicate that the amount of gas from the beans after eaten was greatly increased with this recipe. It occurred to me the only difference in this recipe was that I soak the beans prior to cooking in all my other bean type recipes. Soooooo, I started soaking the beans in this recipe and problem solved. If you want the recipe in it's original state take a look here.

As for the crafting of this 6X6 page it looks simple, but a lot of work went into getting it to look this way. It really was a work in progress for several days before I got it looking the way I saw it in my mind. First I printed the recipe with a western font using a DeskJet printer not inkjet as with the later the printing would age too much. The paper was crumpled on the sides then straightened out (some what). It was then sponged with chocolate chip, creamy caramel and mustard inks to give it an old worn antique look. Next I used deckle scissors to give the edges a torn look. Actual tearing wouldn't have been precise enough for 5 1/2X5 1/2 inch size I needed. I altered small copper brads by heating them each dipping them in silver embossing powder 2 and 3 times melting after each dip. When done I would then count to about 5 and while still warm press them onto a piece of scrap paper to give them a more flatten and dull looking nail head appearance. After assembling the WANTED recipe I attached it to wood grain paper using CM photo splits and glue dots.


CathyR said...

Awesome looking recipe page Lynne. Thanks for sharing.

ChrissyM said...

This is awesome looking. Very creative and so clever!!! Awesome Awesome!!!