Monday, June 2, 2008

Pomelo... have you heard of it?

My daughter and I were looking at one at the grocery store. It was bright green and larger than a grapefruit. When a woman walked up behind us and exclaimed, "Put that down! That's not any where near ripe. They should be yellow and smell intoxicating. They taste like grapefruits only sweeter." She picked up a couple smelled them and told us not to buy any of them. It was nice to get some information as we had no idea what they were. Go forward 3 weeks and I'm in Red Bluff on my way to the family cabin. My daughter is picking out fruit to make her famous fruit salad. I see a pomelo... yellow and smelled SO good. I put one in the basket. I couldn't wait to try it.

We're at the cabin and my daughter is making her fruit salad. I say let's put the pomelo in it. She now informs me that she doesn't like grapefruit not even a little. My dad had said that they have a surprisingly thick skin. I cut it in half and yep a very thick skin and again it smelled great. I show it to my dad as he hadn't seen one in years. He agreed it smelled great, but due to his and my mom's meds they couldn't have any. OK now we're down from 8 to 5 people, who will eat it with me. After I had a bite I wasn't so sure I wanted to share it. It did taste like a grapefruit only sweeter. I love grapefruit when it's sweet. Not having to sprinkle it with sugar was SO nice.

I've seen a few more since them, but all are bright green. Still on the hunt for a yellow intoxicating smelling pomelo. Maybe I'll see if I can grow my own?

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