Monday, June 9, 2008

Pinwheel a go go

Group photo

I've just had the greatest time playing with tag punch pinwheels. The first one I made was a birthday card for a friend. Then I found this red plaid paper left over from the cupcake cards and thought wouldn't it make great Christmas pinwheels. The first card I made I used traditional Christmas colors. I liked how it turned out. Then I found some tag board snowflakes in my stash that I'd been wanting to use it and one of the color is lime green. So, thought I'd again work with nontraditional Christmas colors. I used my color wheel to come up with red, lime green and turquoise. Well, I didn't have the right color of lime green in card stock and that card I thought looked terrible. I really wanted to throw it away, but DH and daughter liked it and insisted I not waste a "pretty" card. So, I kept it. I tried again with lime green using the actual lime green tag board snowflake and I liked it better. The 3rd card I made I steered clear of lime green and liked it even better.

I'm all out of the red checked paper and I may be bored with pinwheels.... who knows. I need to make 2 more cards for my Christmas card challenge. I'll see if there is any paper that strikes my fancy and maybe I'll make at least 2 more.