Friday, April 28, 2017

Crochet Frame of Mind

Got caught up on a project I've wanted to do for 2 years.  BABY GROOT!  It's a free pattern over at Twinkie Chan's blog.  It turned out SO cute.  I'm in love with it.  It's in my living room pretending to be a real plant.

Next project was an April Fools Joke I played on my daughter.  Yes, inappropriate, but aren't those the best jokes.  My daughter particularly hates an item sometimes seen hanging off the back of pickup trucks... truck nuts.  hahahaha.  Yep she says when she see some they are so disgusting she just wants to get out of her car and go kick them.  Again, hahahahaha.  I saw a pattern on Ravelry and I just couldn't resist.  They resemble truck nuts, but in an adorably cute way.  Its Julie King's pattern called Nut Sacks.  The picture made me giggle and I knew a joke was on the horizon.  They were super easy to crochet up.  Yes, I made the bag what the hell.  They turned out so cute I almost didn't want to play the trick.  To complete the look I chained  a string to hold them together.

I waited until my daughter's car was unattended and hooked them to the trailer hitch.  As my daughter walked to her car I knew she'd see them.  Nope too focused on her phone.  All the better for ME!  She got in her car and drove off with the cute little acorns swing back and forth behind her car.  It was all worth it at just that moment.  I thought I'd choke I laughed so hard.  Around midnight she came home and I was heading off to bed.  I hear, "MOM!!"  She begins to pretend pummeling with little punches to the gut.  I asked how she knew it was me?  She said, "She wondered what was on her car.  As she got close she saw truck nuts!  Then she got real close and noticed they were knitted and yelled, "MOM!"  She had to explain to her friend what truck nuts were.  I laughed some more.  Next morning I'm awoken to my daughter leaping on me rolling back and forth on me throwing a couple more pretend punches.  I laughed some more.  Best joke ever!

Now though I have to check my car every time I go out for truck nuts attached to my car.  LOL!

Last but not least is my CBN (crochet by numbers) project.  I started this about 2 years ago.  I did about 8 rows and could see the my pallet was not what I wanted it to be.  I finally got the bug to finish it this year.  With the help of fellow crocheters I was able to find a lot of grey yarns.  I made a couple swatches and that made a world of difference.  I could see the colors together and in day light and night light.  I could see the hues and how they looked together.  Got a pallet that will make my project hopefully as beautiful as I think it will.  I'll probably work on this all summer.

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