Thursday, March 31, 2011

Packing Peanuts A Thing Of The Past

I bought some bowls off of eBay and when I opened the box I was greeted with a surprise.  A box full of Swiss cheese triangles.  OK they are made out of recycled cardboard not cheese.  What a clever idea.  I wondered if this seller had to put together all these triangles?  I suppose one could just sit and watch a good movie and mindless fold these together.  I liked that they are recyclable it I don't want to keep them.

Only one drawback.... you can't really dig around in the box or these triangles will cut up your knuckles.  So, I slowly scooped and slid my hands around in the box.  Honestly, there could be more in the box and I wouldn't know as one can't swirl their hands around to find out.  With soft non-recyclable environment destroying packing peanuts one could dive in head first and be just fine.  I'll have to empty them out into another box to double check the contents of the box.  Why would I need to go to this trouble?  Shouldn't the box contain what I ordered?  Well, the seller sent me something I didn't buy, so who knows what else is in the box.  That's whole nother story.

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reynolf oliveros said...

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