Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Kids Are A Crack Up!

I consider myself a very lucky mom.  I have fairly cooperative teenagers.  At Easter my cousin had these beautiful Wisteria flowers in her back yard.  I asked my daughter to stand in front of them for a picture.  She's a hambone.  Doesn't take much to get her to pose for a picture.  I like that about her.  The picture turned out so gorgeous that I wanted my son to pose as well.

"Really mom, really?  Do I have to smile?"  he says.  I said, "No you don't have to smile, but a pleasant look on your face would be nice."  I think he pulled it off.

 Then he got a little cranky.

I was on a roll... "Now I want both my kids in front of the flowers!"  They pretended to be cranky teenagers. 

"Now the poodle in front of the flowers!"  Hey, they were really pretty flowers!  I think the poodle is saying, "Really mom, really? Do I have to smile?"


Jan said...

I think your son has been reading too much GQ. They are all cuties though.

Marie-Claire said...

Very funny! The kiddos really got into the spirit of the thing and you are quite right, your pooch really does look like he thinks you're nuts asking for a smile! Nice theme post... oh and the flowers...very pretty!