Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can't Concentrate On Knitting!

Why? Because I have poodle-itus. If I go some where and there is a poodle I have a hard time taking my eyes off of it. Especially if it is really cute. As was with the little poodle below. He was adorable partly, because I'd never seen a poodle so small in person. Obviously a little old man, but still as cute as ever. He was probably about 5 maybe 6 pounds. They called him Perroito, which means "little dog" in Spanish.

He wanted to visit with all of us ladies that had gathered at Bernadette's house for our Machine Knitting monthly group. He sniffed all of us and our belongings. Sticking his head into a bag here and there if it were open and smelled particularly good to him. After a while he had laid down under the feet of one particular gal and she went to pick him up to move him. All I can say is he turned all teeth and growling. He didn't bite her, but made us think he would. His owner apologized greatly telling us he's old, has arthritis and his ribs are very tender. As long as nobody tried to pick him he was the friendliest cutest thing. And can we hardly blame him for letting us know not to pick him up.

One of the gals brought out a sheep she had knitted on her knitting machine. It was about as big as Perroito and he saw it immediately. He trotted over as if saying, "For me?!" Us dog lovers thought it was pretty funny. The gal with the sheep was not amused that he was trying to take her sheep. Can't blame her she worked hard on it I'm sure. Perroito's mommy said she'd make him one of his own. I didn't know how to show my kids how small he was in a picture then got the idea to take one of him next to my purse.

When I got home I took a picture of my miniature next to my purse. Quite a big difference in sizes. I often wonder why they refer to the size of my poodle as a miniature, because there isn't anything miniature about her. She's 23 pounds of poodle muscle. She thinks she's small as she jumps on you or walks across your belly, so she can get to the other side of the couch or bed. When she plays she's a brute. I often refer to her as "you vicious thing" when we play. I probably shouldn't do that, because that just eggs her on.

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jan said...

Timmy the stud muffin can be a fierce protective watchdog one minute and totally mommy's baby the next. (He is the only dog that calls me "mommy.")