Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Gym Memberships

In April I received a free 1 month gym membership to Rollingwood Racquet Club for me and a friend. My crafty friend and I had just been talking about starting water aerobics again and wondering where to start. I went 3 days a week the month of April. I was achy and yet it felt good to get moving again. Also my medium blue swimsuit turned to nearly a shade of white. Little too much chlorine... but thank goodness for chlorine.

Membership ended and there we were thinking about where to go next.

Wouldn't you know it another 1 month free membership comes in the mail for me and my family this time. California Family Fitness this time and they are within walking distance for me, but I'd never ever ever walk there.

It makes me wonder is someone trying to tell me something? I just spent the weekend in the woods. We did our once a year pine needle rake up around the cabin. It's about a rigorous 4 hour job with 6 people working. I was so tired and achy for the rest of the weekend. It left me thinking I need to exercise and lose weight.

So, tomorrow I'm checking on the gym and finding out when their water aerobic classes are. Would I ever join a gym again... if the price was right... maybe. Right now I'll just enjoy my free month and then maybe I'll enjoy my free treadmill sitting in my living room calling my name.

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jan said...

I've never been too happy going to gyms. I have a collection of DVD's and tapes that I put on in the morning and I've finished my workout before I could get ready to go to the gym. If you have a treadmill, you have it made with a home gym.