Monday, February 2, 2009

Tried New Frozen Yogurt Store

The kids and I tried a new frozen yogurt store called Swirls Frozen Yogurt. Self serve frozen yogurt and toppings. I saw this place while out shopping and thought I have to bring the kids back here for a treat. The self serve idea intrigued me and scared me at the same time. The scare comes from way back when I was in college. At the cafeteria they had a premade salad for $3.50 OR self serve salad bar charged by the ounce. I thought I'll get a cheaper self serve salad with the toppings I want. When I got to the register I had a $10 salad. To me it didn't look as big as the premade salad. Never again did I do the self serve salad unless there was a flat fee.

So, back at the yogurt store I told the kids the story of the salad and not to go crazy. First thing we noticed was their small cup looked to be the same size as the large cup at TCBY another favorite place of ours. Interesting how the large cup at Swirls looked like a bucket. OK I am exaggerating, but not by much. I told the kids to squirt some yogurt in their cups and weigh it to get an idea of what it looks like and how much it costs. We figured out 8 ounces of frozen yogurt was just the right amount and cost a reasonable amount of money.

I went for their Orange Sorbet and an equal amount of vanilla. Oh was that good. My son did the same thing. My daughter went for their strawberry, which was also very good. We sat at a table in the yogurt store and staring at us was the above Swirls mascot. My daughter says, "Mom it's kind of giving me the creeps." I looked over at it and said, "Yeah it is kind of creepy." My daughter said, "He looks like he's saying 'I want to kill you with my spoon.'" We snickered and left.

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