Saturday, December 6, 2008

And the winner is....

This year's RCS Christmas Card Challenge is over. I had a great time and I've heard that the other gals had a great time too. Getting a few of our Christmas cards done each month definitely took the sting out sending out hand made Christmas cards to our friends and family this month. I have 66 cards, which is more cards than I usually send out. I wanted a few extra so I could give them out willy nilly if I felt like it. If I have some left over I'll use them next year.

For the challenge I offered to put together a gift basket drawing for all those who followed the rules. They were set a goal of cards to make each month of 3 or more, make and post a picture of your cards during the month they're due, and miss no more than 3 months during the year. 8 gals, Cathy R. , Crystal, Karen, Linda C., M-C, Sandy, Shannon and myself were able to accomplish this goal.

One honorable mentions goes to Linda C. for not missing one single month during the year. I myself, didn't miss a month, but I felt an obligation as hostess to not miss a month. You know set a good example and all that good stuff.

So, this evening I had my beautiful daughter assist me with the drawing. I wrote the 7 names on recycled paper...mine not included just seemed silly to put my own name into my own drawing. I can see it now...OH I won... what a surprise!.... ahhh no. LOL

So, my daughter... err... unbiased assistant did the drawing.

And the winner is...What can't read that teenie tiny piece of paper.

Congratulations Shannon!

After confirming your address your prize will be in the mail next week! Thanks to all that participated. Seems like we have some interest in a another year. We'll cross that bridge come January 2009.


Scraplin said...

Thank you Lynne for hosting this challenge! AND thanks for the honorable mention. I had no idea that I was the only one. It was fun and I look forward to doing it again next year!

CathyR said...

Congratulations Shannon!

Thanks Lynne for hosting the challenge. It was lots of fun and a stress free way to get my cards done early.

Kenda said...

Yeah Shannon!!! Lynne, this was a wonderful challenge. I'm loving having all my cards done and not having to rush to get them done and out.

M-C said...

Congrats Shannon and thanks Lynne! Since I love Christmas it was great to have a reason to take out my Christmas scrapping supplies every month. Problem is that I am actually completely addicted to Christmas supplies and I've got enough for another 10 Christmases of cards, LOL! I do hope you host another one next year!