Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love creative blogs!

I love to not only see what others are doing, but hearing about their busy lives and how they still fit creative time in. That's me. I feel that I am possessed with creativeness. If I don't do something artsy in any realm for a few days I feel the creative juices over flowing. It is an inherited trait. I remember my Grandmother having a craft apartment. Yes, apartment! She had a small apartment in her backyard. A guest house of sorts, but how often does one have guest that they should keep this place neat as a pin waiting for a guest. Well, it doubled as a craft apartment for her. It had a kitchen, bathroom and 2 rooms to do any kind of craft one would want. My dream was to have a room where I could be in the middle of a craft and be able to leave it until I had time to work on it again. I had one built a few years ago on to my house. I didn't put a bathroom in it even though it is big enough for one. Reason being as my family would probably never see me again. At least if I have to come out to go to the bathroom... OK I'm being silly, but not too far from the truth. The room has a huge closet and a utility sink. It's a very useful room. The oddest thing happened after it was built. I felt guilty about having my own room. I didn't use it as much as I thought I would. Well, those days are over. My goal is to spend time in the room everyday this year. Either working on a project. Reading a book. Or just cleaning up after my many projects.

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My kids were asking me to make our guest room into an art/craft room. Maybe we should use our playhouse--except, no heat... Hmm. Problem there. :)

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